Welcome to our new staff!

We are very excited to welcome to our team 2 new staff members: Dr Emily Henkel and Janna Randell.

Emily joins us as a Science Writer and Editor. She is an experienced researcher and science writer with a passion for clear communication. Emily has a diverse scientific background that includes chemistry, pharmacology and biomedical science. It was during her time in research and academia that she found a love for effective science reporting, and a skill for condensing complex information into a form that is accessible for a range of audiences.

Janna joins us as a Senior Science Content Developer. Janna is an expert in content writing and strategy for complex scientific and government subjects. She has 10 years experience in a range of science education and strategic communication roles across the Australian Government and the private sector. She specialises in earth sciences, agriculture and water, and takes a user-focused approach to scoping the needs of clients and audiences to create effective content.

We look forward to working with them on many new projects!