Sharing our expertise in content and data

We deliver regular open courses, presented as live online courses using Zoom or in our Canberra office. We also deliver online or inhouse courses to small groups in your workplace, and can tailor courses to suit your needs.

Writing and editing complex content

Learn how to make complex information, including science and policy areas, easy to read and understand >>

Data literacy

Learn how to select, understand and use data in documents, recommendations and evidence-based policy >>

Data visualisation

Learn how to match your type of data to the correct graph, table or map, and how to design these visuals so that your ‘data story’ has the most effect >>

Current courses

Communicating data using words and visuals at the Australasian Medical Writers Association conference, 2023

Biotext was a silver sponsor of the 2023 Australasian Medical Writers Association (AMWA) conference, held in Auckland in August 2023. At AMWA’s request, we put together and presented a 1-hour workshop on presenting data. The workshop looked at tips and tricks for using graphs and tables, and gave pointers on terminology, accessibility and language when writing about data.

We’re always ready to develop customised training experiences, including workshops, coaching courses and more.

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Courses to suit you

Open courses

We hold regular small-group training courses live online or at our Canberra office. These courses are open to anyone. Please register your interest for any course that interests you, and we will let you know when the next course will be held

Onsite training

We train large or small groups live online or at your organisation, and can tailor our courses to suit your needs

Individual guidance

We can provide one-on-one tutoring via Zoom, Skype or email, on any of our course topics

Writing retreat

We provide a brief introductory workshop and then work directly with attendees on their own writing examples and projects