Creating effective infographics

Learn how to create infographics that help audiences understand key messages or processes and bring your complex content to life.

Course topics

  • Types of infographics – understanding the different types of infographics – data, process and message – and their uses
  • When to use an infographic – how to make sure the effort of making an infographic has the highest impact
  • Effective infographics – how to avoid infographic pitfalls
  • Identifying the story – how to create a clear story and messaging
  • Visual structure and design – how to use compelling images to support and explain the story
  • Putting it all together and production – how to work with a designer to create and produce the final design

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • use written, numerical and visual content to identify potential infographic topics
  • create clear messaging and explore ways to present the topic effectively
  • avoid barriers to clear communication
  • draft a clear infographic brief for a designer.

Learning method

This interactive course includes lectures, group discussions, exercises and comprehensive course notes.