Guide to environmental watering

A key responsibility of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) is to manage water resources for the health of the environment, as outlined in the Basin Plan (2012). We worked with the MDBA to develop a plain English guide to help stakeholders understand the legislation.

This included analysing the legislation and existing information, understanding the roles and information needs of key stakeholders, and translating the legislation into language suitable for a range of audiences including state governments and First Nations and community groups involved in providing water for the environment.

We also developed a suite of diagrams and infographics to clearly portray the roles and relationships of the MDBA and state governments, and help explain the processes outlined in the legislation.

The Guide to the Environmental Watering Plan was published on the MDBA’s website and printed for consultation with stakeholders. The guide will be used in stakeholder consultation, with the aim of stakeholders forming a clear understanding of the legislation, so that they can contribute to and create environmental watering plans that are in line with the requirements outlined in the legislation.

Janna had an exceptional eye to detail and follow through for the entire project, and adapted well to internal Comms team requests and style conventions.

MDBA client