Award-winning projects!

We are thrilled to announce that the Australia State of the Environment website won the Best in Show for Content at the 2023 Australian Web Awards on Saturday 20 May. We are proud to have been partners in this outstanding project, and we would like to congratulate the SOE team and everyone involved for this recognition.

The 2021 State of the Environment report website exemplifies the best-practice presentation of complex content, demonstrating how a website can present scientific content in an engaging way to meet the needs of several audiences.

It also demonstrates the success of a collaborative and agile approach between government, environmental, content and web experts. The team – with the department, authors, Biotext and EY Digital – developed clear content and effective information design to meet government, industry, research and community needs.

From the award nomination

As content leads, the Biotext team were embedded within the project and helped to guide the development and presentation of the report. Working with the authors, government department and web development teams, we created a content strategy and worked to plan, shape, write, edit and design clear and engaging content.

We would like to thank the Australian Web Industry Association and judging panel. This year’s awards attracted more than 240 entries, and the ‘Best in Show’ awards (for content, design, user experience, accessibility, development and SEO) represent the websites that received the highest scores in those areas from all judges.

We are also thrilled that the Questacon website won the best website in the Technology: Drupal category. We enjoyed working with the Questacon team in 2022 to redraft webpages and update the activities, and again would like to congratulate everyone involved in developing the new site.