Breaking news: AMOS is now free

The Australian manual of style (AMOS) – Australia’s largest and most comprehensive content resource – is now free for everyone. No more renewals or logins, simply an open-access resource for anyone who writes, edits or presents information.

We invite existing and new users to explore the current content.

AMOS was designed to give Australia’s writers, editors and designers an Australian-based resource to help them create clear and effective content. It was developed from Biotext’s Australian manual of scientific style by Biotext and Macquarie University, with input from Australian writing, editing and discipline experts.

Making AMOS free is the first step in the transformation of this resource. Later in 2024, AMOS will become the Biotext content manual. The new manual will expand the existing manual to cover current content needs. The new manual will:

  • retain all the information in the current manual – providing clear guidance about writing, editing and style
  • provide new information about content – including content strategy, accessibility, content design and data visualisation.

We look forward to bringing you updates during the year.