Going digital with vaccination

Australian Government Department of Health

Australian doctors rely on the Australian immunisation handbook for the latest clinical advice about the safest and most effective use of vaccines.

To give health professionals in Australia better access to this essential clinical advice, the Biotext team helped to adapt the guide for a digital platform. The handbook was transformed into an intuitive, interactive online experience to help health professionals scan content quickly and easily. It was also rewritten in plainer language to make it easier to read and understand.

As content leads, we worked closely with user experience specialists and subject matter experts from the Australian Government Department of Health, the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance, and Folk Pty Ltd, to deliver this important digital project.

We continue to work with the department to keep the website up to date and accurate.

Our role:

Content analysis building on our scientific expertise, we developed a deep understanding of the content and how health practitioners used the guide

Information architecture – we worked with UX experts to develop and refine the online structure and navigation; this included ensuring that updates to guidelines were prominent on each page of content so practitioners could quickly access the latest information

Writing and editing – we transformed the content from dense academic-style text to a plain-language format that meets best practice for web writing

Accessibility we also ensured that the content met accessibility and other requirements under Australian Government digital standards

Infographics – we developed a series of infographics to give health professionals a quick visual guide to complex topics