Diabetes in schools

The Diabetes in Schools program provides training for school staff to ensure they can support students with type 1 diabetes, and to give parents confidence that their children will be safe and supported at school.

Biotext worked with clinicians and trainers at the Australian Diabetes Educators Association to write and edit 3 of the modules in the program. The training materials were designed to provide clear information and instructions and to act as a resource for school staff following training.

Our client said:

The work that was done by the company was of high quality, timely and consistent. We had a very tight deadline and Biotext provided a quick turned around the writing and editing jobs in the agreed time frame.

We are very pleased with the services provided to us. The editing job for the in-house written modules was clear, professionally done and was matching the brief specifics. Your work has allowed us to meet the very tight timeline and provide high quality module standards in the program.

Overall, we are very satisfied the services provided would we be very happy to work with you again in the future.